Extend the data of any existing asset from any chain

The Decentralized Asset Metadata Extension protocol in LAOS allows anyone to add data to any existing asset, in any chain, permissionlessly. Add new images, dynamic attributes, comments, or even make intellectual property claims about these assets.

Need some inspiration?

Extending the metadata of existing assets in any chain opens a plethora of use cases. Here are a few examples that may inspire you.

Cross-game interoperability

Any game can import assets created elsewhere, on any blockchain - even assets that were originally created for other games i.e. true cross-game interoperability!

The game adapts the visual style of these assets to match its own look and feel, and it assigns attributes to them that evolve during gameplay. Assets can be imported automatically, or one-by-one via paid upgrades (e.g. in-app purchases).

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IP-Copyright Infringement Claims

Institutions can identify and flag instances of intellectual property infringement, as well as approve or whitelist assets, across any blockchain. These claims can be updated following the formal acquisition of the appropriate rights by the specified individual or entity.

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Revival of Existing Collections

A legendary collection is brought back to life - the same web3 address used by the original collection creator is used to extend each asset’s metadata to create a sponsored seasonal campaign. The collection creator is being paid off-chain by the sponsor, thus capitalizing on the original brand success.

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Permissionless Update of Real-World Assets

An on-chain invoice can be updated by the recipient to indicate that if has been paid; a user-profile can be updated to indicate an achievement; on-chain real-estate can be extended to reflect real-world changes. The possibilities of extending the data of real-world assets are endless.

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