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Mint assets on Ethereum & Polygon without ETH or MATIC

LAOS bridgeless minting protocol enables the minting of assets on any EVM chain, bypassing the need for native currency and avoiding congestion, all without requiring the use of bridges.

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Bridgeless Minting Explained

Bridgeless Minting permits the creation of regular ERC-721 tokens in any EVM chain, without having to pay the minting fees of that chain, and without congesting the network. A uERC-721 contract is deployed on the chain of your choice, which points to a sibling collection on LAOS Network, via Universal Location. As assets are minted on LAOS, they appear on the EVM chain as standard ERC-721 tokens, where they can be traded, sent, lent etc.

(Set up) Create a sibling collection on LAOS

Bridgeless Minting requires the creation of a collection on LAOS blockchain.
This collection will enable minting assets on the desired EVM chain

Sibling Collection

(Set up) Create an Asset Collection on Ethereum or any EVM chain

To use Bridgeless Minting, it is required to create a version of the ERC-721 smart contract, designated as uERC-721, on the target blockchain where the assets are intended to reside.
On creation, the uERC-721 will be connected to the sibling collection in LAOS.

Mint using LAOS token

Mint assets by directly engaging with your sibling collection on the LAOS blockchain.
The minting fees are paid in LAOS tokens, yet the asset itself will persist on your selected EVM-compatible network.

Mint using LAOS token

Mint in public collections using LAOS token

LAOS public collections are connected to existing smart contracts on Ethereum and Polygon. They permit minting of standard ERC-721 assets on these chains, without requiring any ETH or MATIC.
The minting fees are paid using LAOS tokens only, while the asset ownership and trading is managed in Ethereum or Polygon.
Public collections permit anyone to mint assets within them, and any custom collection can be set to be public, after its creation.

Mint in a public collection
Mint in a public collection